Hexing and Vertexcom to deploy 1000-node Wi-SUN FAN network


Power industry solutions firm Hexing has announced the selection of the Vertexcom Wi-SUN (Wireless Smart Utility Network) communication solution to develop its smart grid network products.

The company has deployed a 1000-node mesh network in the Hexing office area, expanding the scale of the network, reliability and scalability of Wi-SUN technology in FAN (field area network) to meet the needs of the smart grid and the IoT market.

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Dr HH Li, President of Vertexcom Technologies, said that the dual-mode communication solution of Vertexcom combining Wi-SUN wireless communication technology and PLC technology, has the characteristics of automatic mesh network, and seamless automatic complementary connection amongst others. This provides flexible, high-speed, stable and reliable dual-channel communication network for grid transmission to overcome problems such as signal attenuation and signal island, and can really achieve remote software and firmware upgrade, whilst reducing on-site maintenance work.

As a terminal of Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things (UPIOT), smart meters have many intelligent functions in addition to the basic electricity metering functions. For example, the home power consumption status can be instantly obtained through an app on a mobile device. Energy-saving can be achieved by adding electricity consumption data analysis and electricity cost estimation. In addition, UPIOT can deliver deeper insights into usage habits analysis, or warn of excessive electricity tariffs.

Wi-SUN is an 802.15.4 mesh network protocol, which has the characteristics of long-distance transmission, high security and scalability, and low power consumption (a Wi-SUN module can usually be used for 10 years), which is conducive to building a wide-area large-scale IoT.

In October 2018, the Wi-SUN Alliance announced the launch of the FAN Certification Program, which primarily certifies the interoperability of communications products. Programme-certified devices can be used for wide-area outdoor applications in smart cities, smart utilities, and other IoT projects.