Hong Kong’s CLP Power goes live with AMI platform


CLP Power operates a vertically integrated power supply business in Hong Kong, covering electricity generation, transmission and distribution, and marketing and customer services.

The AMI platform “enables timely access to electricity consumption information via smart meters,” says Landis+Gyr in a company release.

The platform also creates an opportunity for the utility’s customers to save energy. This, in turn, enables customers to adopt smarter and greener lifestyles through the informed energy choices they are able to make. The platform also facilitates monitoring of power supply conditions and further enhances supply reliability, safety and operational efficiency.

“Landis+Gyr is proud to have the opportunity to work with CLP Power.  Over time, this project will provide both the platform and the customer engagement tools that are key enabling technologies for the development of Hong Kong into a smarter city,” said Ellie Doyle, executive vice president of Asia Pacific at Landis+Gyr.

“We are excited to be on this journey of innovation with CLP Power,” added Doyle.

Landis+Gyr in Brazil

In another recent deal, the energy management company secured two contracts which will be carried out for the State Electricity Distribution Company’s (CEEE-D) State of Rio Grande do Sul service area in Brazil.

Under the contracts, Landis+Gyr will provide data collection and management of commercial and industrial users, and is responsible for the supply and installation of a centralized measurement system for residential energy consumers.

The industrial and commercial advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project will automate data reading and billing functions and better protect revenue through the use of intelligent technology. The Gridstream AMI project includes the supply and installation of the system in 11,700 consumer end-units, including IT  infrastructure, radio mesh network, and data collection and management.

The centralised system measurement project includes advanced meters installed in cabinets attached to utility poles that link to remote reading terminals in consumers’ homes. According to Landis+Gyr, this system allows energy measurement and individual reading of each customer’s usage. The system connects to the same communication network to transmit data to the utility, enhancing cost reductions, safety, reliability and flexibility, in order to reduce losses and costs in the distribution of electricity. Read more…