Hong Kong Water Supplies Department selects Itron water metering technology


Marcel Regnier,
Itron President
& COO, Water
Wan Chai, Hong Kong and Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 31, 2011 – Hong Kong Water Supplies Department is to be supplied with 400,000 residential volumetric water meters by Itron over a period of two years beginning in late 2011.

As an island, Hong Kong faces limited water reserves and relies primarily on the Southern China province of Dongjiang in Guangdong for its water supply. With supply and storage constraints, a highly populated service territory, and increasing water demand, Hong Kong WSD needs to address these challenges by closely monitoring and managing its water resources.
“This contract with Hong Kong WSD directly aligns with our vision to deliver water resource management solutions tailored to the Asia-Pacific region,” said Marcel Regnier, Itron president and COO, Water. “Now, the Hong Kong water department will achieve its conservation and consumer awareness goals.”