IEEMA presents meter solution to Indian systems integrators


New Delhi, India — (METERING.COM) — March 10, 2008 – As part of an initiative to stimulate awareness of the need for seamless integration of metering information with utility revenue management systems, the Indian Electrical and Electrical Manufacturers Association (IEEMA) convened a forum on its Meter Inter-operability Solution (MIOS) for systems integrators.

The MIOS is being developed under the guidance and supervision of the IEEMA’s Meter Division, and is aimed at establishing interoperability standards for reading meters from different manufacturers. This will allow utilities to use a common IT infrastructure to gather information from meters of different makes and manufacturers.
The systems integrators are playing an important role in providing integrated solutions for meter data retrieval, data analysis, etc. for utilities in India

At the forum the MIOS technical committee convener highlighted the benefits of MIOS compared to the standard protocol. Some of the key benefits it enables include allowing third parties to collect metering data and integrate with the utility’s IT system, reading the existing installed base of meters, the future integration of new features, and flexibility to use a manufacturer’s specific protocol.

The MIOS uses APIs for data retrieval and conversion into XML file format data is through a well defined Common Data Format (CDF), and it has been successfully implemented by leading utilities in India.