Independent body to test meters when customers complain


Bangalore, India — (METERING.COM) — June 13, 2008 – Many electric customers in India have voiced complaints that the new electronic meters being deployed in the country are faulty, so the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has appointed the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), an autonomous body, to test meters when complaints are received. Customers believe that the meters run fast, and the DERC is keen to appoint an impartial body to establish whether or not this is the case.

Distribution companies perform their own tests on the meters they deploy, and they will have to bear the cost of testing if the CPRI finds that the meters are not recording consumption accurately. In cases where meters are found to be accurate, however, the customer who lodged the complaint will be required to pay for the tests if he disputes the distribution company’s test results and turns to the CPRI for an independent evaluation.

The Public Grievance Cell of Delhi Transco receives daily complaints about meters over-reading. The distribution companies say this is because the old electromechanical meters were under-recording consumption, while the new digital meters record usage accurately. It will be some while before users accept the validity of this view.