India adopts international standards for electricity meters


There has been no uniform communication protocol followed by industry and utilities in India up to now, but recent research indicates that there is an urgent requirement for the electric meter industry to adopt a common protocol. A metering protocol laboratory has been established in Bangalore, following the guidelines of IEC 62056 and with the help of the Device Language Message Specification (DLMS) user association in Switzerland.

The Conformance Test Tool (CTT) is now available for both manufacturers and utilities to verify meters for compliance with international protocols. In addition the Central Power Research Institute in Bangalore is organising a four-day tutorial on IEC 62056 from November30 to December 3 2004. President of the DLMS UA Gyözö Kmethy will address the delegates, and there will be demonstrations of the tool used for testing energy meters. Utilities and meter manufacturers are encouraged to attend the workshop, particularly in the light of the recent move towards deregulation in the energy industry in India.