BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and SBES Yamuna Power Limited have carried out simultaneous, multi-locations raids across Delhi.  The raids resulted in 248 cases of electricity theft being lodged, and a saving of 900Kws being brought to the attention of the utility.

A total of 110 cases were lodged in East and Central Delhi, with “Krishna Nagar [seeing] the maximum power theft load of 115 KW being unearthed,” according to a senior BSES official.   Surveillance teams were accompanied by police as, “at times, in case of the non-availability of police personnel in adequate numbers, it becomes difficult to undertake a raid in many areas. It has been observed, whenever the police support in adequate numbers is available, BSES was able to curb power-theft in difficult areas too,” the official said.

For increased effectiveness of the drive and to crackdown on electricity theft, the raids are usually carried out late at night or in early morning hours, and in particular on Saturdays and Sundays. “To begin with, this campaign will continue for a period of three-months and over 150 identified areas are being targeted across South, West, East and Central Delhi,” the official noted.

The distribution companies are relying on modern analytics and technology for greater effectiveness. Energy input data from over 11 000 distribution transformers and the 33 lakh consumer metres is being collated and analysed using sophisticated tools, by a centralised team and power theft locations have been narrowed down significantly.