Indian state to establish agency for smart city rollout


The announcement follows the Union Urban Development Department approving a proposal filed by the Jammu and Kashmir state to transform Srinagar and Jammu into smart cities. According to a local publication, the agency to be established will use Rs1000 crore ($156 million) to be issued by the Indian government for the deployment of innovative technologies during the initial stages of the smart city projects in the two cities.

The smart city projects will focus on e-governance to help government departments optimise operations, urban mobility, energy, water and wastewater management and the development of smart and internet connected public places.

The agency will work in collaboration with the state Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to ensure the development of affordable smart houses and that the tourism and heritage infrastructure are modernised in line with international standards.

Smart meters rollout

Meanwhile, the Telangana Southern Power Distribution Company (TSPDC) made an announcement that despite delays in the launch of the company’s smart meter pilot, the project is more likely to be completed on time, before year end.

Under the smart meters pilot, TSPDC is partnering with the Electronic Corporation of India Limited to equip some 11,904 consumers with advanced electric meters in an effort to test how the technology can be used to improve consumer energy efficiency and utility’s management of power grid.

A total of Rs40 crore ($6.2 million) will be invested towards the pilot project. TSPD has so far released Rs21 crore ($3.2 million) the company agreed to invest towards the implementation of the pilot, reported The Chronicle.

The smart meters pilot is being deployed at no cost for consumers in Telangana state and will help them identify energy efficiency potentials through access to real time energy consumption data apart from ensuring customers are accurately billed.

Under efforts to accelerate smart meter rollout nationwide, the government of India is striving to have the costs of the advanced metering technology reduced for both consumers, despite their income status, and energy providers.

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Image Credit: 123rf.