India smart grid: smart cities invited to bid for trial

India smart grid systems
India smart grid: the government is part-funding the deployment of networks to improve

In India smart grid news, the government is inviting states to bid for part-funded smart grid systems as part of its smart cities development plan.

The Ministry of Power this week agreed to begin the proposal process, which falls under the National Smart Grid Mission.

Indian states that apply to trial a smart grid system will receive funding to cover one third of the set-up costs.

The India Smart Grid Forum is supporting the initiative.

Reji Kumar Pillai, president of the forum, said: “Every year thousands of distribution transformers catch fire in each state due to demand overload and control rooms’ inability to monitor loads on each transformer. This is technologically not possible at the moment.

“Under a smart grid system power consumption of every household can be monitored on a real-time basis and it can then be controlled, helping prevent such situations.” 

India smart grid projects

Under the first phase the government has approved 14 smart grid projects.

Of these, six states including Assam, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Bengal have already awarded projects to respective contractors.

In one example, the state of Haryana in northern India has received funding to test an advanced metering infrastructure system, outage management system, and supervisory control and data acquisition) system from Japanese development organisation NEDO.

NEDO awarded a contract for detailed engineering and project implementation to a consortium of Japanese companies led by Fuji Electric.

The project work started in December 2014 with the approval of feasibility study due by th end of July 2015.