India’s smart street lighting market to reach $1,868.9m by 2022


A report compiled by Infoholic Research states that smart street lighting will change lifestyles – important for ensuring adequate visibility and safety of all stakeholders and road users.

The report adds that smart street lighting needs to be environmentally friendly and achieve optimal energy-saving solutions. India has adopted LED and solar powered smart street-lighting systems to reduce electricity consumption and energy waste. [Smart city developments in Dubai and India]

The market is broken down in terms of revenue segments. Network components market is predicted to lead with $674.6 million revenues, connectivity technologies segment to reach $412.6 million, while lighting lamps will aggregate $127.3 million.

Growing urbanisation is a key driver in India’s smart street lighting market. According to a company release, new installation projects for smart street lighting have been launched starting 2015 and many more projects for replacing street lights are expected in the coming years in urban and rural areas of India. [Microsoft partners with Indian state gov to develop smart cities]

It is expected that more than 80% of street lights will be replaced by LED lamps by 2025 and India will emerge as one of the fastest growing lamp markets across the world.

IoT in India

In December, the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) partnered with Silver Spring Networks to roll out its IPv6 networking platform as part of an initiative to automation its distribution grid. 

The network will also help CESC to benefit from increased operational efficiencies, improve grid reliability and will empower customers to monitor and manage energy consumption.

The development forms part of a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in offering smart grid and smart city services to other organisations in West Bengal and across the country.

Sanjiv Goenka, chairman of CESC, said: “[The] multi-application networking platform demonstrated the reliability and high-performance CESC requires to extend our smart energy and smart city leadership and become India’s top performing utility.

“The versatility and flexibility of Silver Spring’s IPv6 networking platform helps enable CESC to reduce costs, improve reliability, and unlock even more benefits for our customers … [and] lead Kolkata’s (Calcutta) critical infrastructure network into the ranks of these iconic locations.”