Indian government buildings fitted with pay-as-you-go meters


New Delhi, India — (METERING.COM) — June 18, 2008 – Many government departments are in arrears with their electricity bills to the tune of thousands of rupees, and distribution companies are installing pay-as-you-go (or prepayment) meters in an attempt to boost revenue collection.

A directive was issued in June last year making it compulsory for government buildings with an electricity load of less than 45 KW to convert their existing meters to prepayment meters, and about 800 such buildings have already gone through the conversion process.

Distribution companies are unable to disconnect the power supply to government buildings because of the essential services they provide. They are now entering into agreements with government departments whereby the departments settle the arrears and the new prepayment meter is then supplied and installed free of charge.

The meters can be set to sound an alarm when credit has been reduced by 75%, as a warning that recharge vouchers need to be purchased. They also give users useful data on energy consumed and number of units still available.