Indian innovators invited to participate in energy challenge


India’s Tata Trusts has launched the first nationwide hunt for innovators and entrepreneurs and now invites entries for its Social Alpha Energy Challenge.

The challenge will be driven under the group’s Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (FISE), which supports technology-based solutions for social impact through their lab-to-market journey.

The group explained that the energy challenge aims to discover next-gen technology innovations that promises to unlock new solutions to India’s energy challenges, or make existing energy networks smarter, cleaner and more affordable.

In this ambitious hunt, the challenge is inviting entries from innovators across various stages of the energy life cycle ranging from generation, transmission and distribution, storage, and consumption, in multiple sectors such as households, farming, industry, infrastructure, building, utility and transport.

Climate change influences energy challenge

Manoj Kumar, head of innovation, Tata Trusts and CEO, Social Alpha, said, “Two years back we created FISE as a key component of our Social Alpha architecture, with a charter to catalyse innovation and entrepreneurship for impact.”

“Tata Trusts’ continued commitment to sustainability and climate challenges has sharpened our focus further on creating a pipeline of high impact clean-tech solutions, that address the challenges of affordable energy access in complete convergence with our livelihoods and sustainability initiatives at the grassroots level.”

A maximum of 10 winners will be selected to receive complete incubation support.

Applications can be submitted until 7 April, 2018. Entrants for the energy challenge can register here:


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