Indian Supreme Court gives electronic meters the go-ahead


New Delhi, India — (METERING.COM) — October 22, 2007 – The Supreme Court in Delhi has turned down an application by an energy consumer to present distribution companies from replacing electromechanical meters with electronic meters if the former are still found to be working effectively.

The appeal judges found that there was no provision in the statues which precluded or prohibited distribution companies from replacing one meter with another. Section 20 of the Indian Electricity Act allows distribution companies to enter any premises to replace or alter any meter.

There has been a widespread outcry in the country since the introduction of electronic meters a few years ago, with many customers alleging that the meters are over-stating actual consumption. Distribution companies are installing electronic meters in an effort to combat the large revenue losses they are experiencing, mainly as a result of energy theft. These companies are, however, subject to stiff penalties if it is found that their bills have been inflated or are incorrect.