Indian state utilities to receive smart grid training


[quote] With the help of the United States Agency for International Development Agency (USAID), the series of training programmes are aimed at building the capacity and skills of utility personnel, to develop the country’s grid infrastructure.

According to the Business Standard, the training is purposed to help the Indian government achieve its target of having 10% of its personnel from 14 Indian state utilities trained in smart grid functions. [India opens smart grid tech innovation centre to improve customer services]

The launch of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Smart Cities Mission has sparked numerous initiatives that advocate for increased resource efficiency and sustainability. Strengthening grid infrastructure also forms part of the country’s long-term vision.

Commenting on the launch of the training programmes, Shri Vishal Kapoor, director for Distribution at the Ministry of Power, said: “India expects to provide 24×7 quality power to all its people. The power generated will comprise a large share of renewable energy. Managing renewable and conventional energy calls for a grid that is smart and capable of providing electricity to the remote corners of the country.”

Smart grid training

Shri Prabhu N. Singh, director of the NSGM highlighted the importance of having a trained workforce of utility professionals who can understand and own the smart grid system.

He said that a trained workforce will help “accelerate the development of smart grids across India.”

Singh added: “The Government of India, through the National Smart Grid Mission, is committed to assisting utilities in skill enhancement on smart grid aspects. We hope to partner with a number of national and state institutions to take up training in the country.”

The first three-day training will use a basic smart grid course which is designed under USAID’s Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE) programme, which is working to accelerate inclusive, low carbon growth by supporting research and deployment of clean energy technologies. Participants in the training will visit a smart grid lab at the Centre for Power Efficiency in Distribution in New Delhi, to gain a practical understanding of specific smart grid functionalities. [Indian Cabinet amends tariff structure in favour of clean energy]

USAID/India Mission Director, Ambassador Jonathan Addleton, concluded: “Training and capacity building have been identified as one of the key strategic areas under the NSGM. We are happy to partner with the Ministry of Power and the NSGM to facilitate knowledge sharing on grid technologies and related-operational issues.”


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