Indonesia M2M market poised for ‘aggressive growth’

Indonesia M2M market
The Indonesia M2M market is poised to grow between 40% and 50% annually

Indonesia’s largest telecommunication networks and services provider Indosat has reported that the machine-to-machine industry in the country has the potential to grow by 40% to 50% annually.

Indosat’s head of M2M Hendra Sumiarsa said that interest in machine-to-machine applications is largely confined to the smart energy, transportation, supervision and security and finance industries.

Despite this, the Indonesia M2M market in the oil and gas and manufacturing industries are also in line for growth.

The Jakarta-based telecommunication company suggests that growth of M2M-based solutions for these and other industries – enterprise mobility, logistics, factory equipment automation, and smart things-based consumer electronic products should be initiated and championed by the government.

The company adds that although machine-to-machine-enabled technology adoption in Indonesia “is still in its early phase, the future is believed to be bright, considering that supporting devices are being produced already.”

Indosat notes that the government’s fundamental role to expedite growth in the industry is carried out through its Smart Nation initiative. The company suggests that the government develop a blueprint for supporting organisations and facilitators.

Cloud-based Indonesia M2M deployment

Ericsson and Ooredoo, an international communications company, have launched a cloud-based an Indonesia M2M platform.

The offering presented by Ericsson and Ooredoo’s Indosat business unit is envisioned to play a key role in the adoption and implementation of smart city technologies, supporting customers’ ‘Connected Lives’.

Thomas Jul, head of Ericsson Indonesia and Timor Leste, said: “M2M will enable the full potential of our vision of the Networked Society, where everything that benefits for being connected will be connected.

“With Indosat we will explore the opportunities that will arise with M2M and empower people, business and society in Indonesia.”

Ooredoo’s cloud-based M2M service will be leveraged to deliver increased level of support and more flexible for commercial customers.