Intelligent network allows management of energy consumption

Kumud Goel,
promoter of
KLG Systel
Gurgaon, India — (METERING.COM) — July 16, 2007 – Connectgaia, a worldwide intelligent network introduced by KLG Systel earlier this year, allows users to manage their energy consumption through intelligent devices installed at their premises. The system uses advanced metering, sensors, IP communication technologies and a robust IT backbone.

The Connectgaia solution with demand response capabilities allows users to obtain information on their electricity consumption, so that they can change their behavior to take account of preferential rates during off-peak hours. If peak demand is reduced, utilities are able to avoid the need to purchase expensive power during times of increased usage.

The hardware, comprising of ‘gaiaeco’ and ‘gaiacell’ units, is connected directly to the three phase utility supply after the electricity meter. These units have power meters that measure electrical parameters on both inlets and outlets. Gaiacell measures appliance level parameters and communicates them to the gaiaeco units via radio frequency. The gaiaeco and gaiacell outlets are connected to digital switches, enabling users to switch power on or off remotely.

To facilitate data transmission between gaiaeco and the website, a GPRS modem is built into the product. To measure, visualize, analyse, control and save energy consumption, users visit the web site, where information stored in the database is accessible that allows them to manage energy consumption. The electrical parameters can be monitored in real time.

Connectgaia is built on IBM’s communication protocols, database and middleware technologies.