IoT-enabled water meters help reduce usage in Bengaluru


In the Indian state of Bengaluru, a new IoT enabled metering system is allowing apartment dwellers to keep an eye on their hourly water usage and to manage leaks remotely.

The solution, WaterOne, enables sub-metering to be implemented in helping dwellers in apartments to improve individual water efficiency through near real-time monitoring of water consumption.

Consumers use an online application to monitor water consumption data acquired from smart water meters. The application provides consumers with recommendations on how they can improve water management by comparing their usage with that of consumers in other apartments.

Vivek Shukla, co-developer of WaterOne, said: “People were hesitant to adopt meters as it was a novel idea and we were a start-up. We interacted with members of more than a 100 resident welfare associations (RWAs) for 18 months to understand their need.

“In a classic case, 80% of the flats were paying for excessive use and wastage by 20% of them. There have been cases where some residents opted out of the metering system but they soon switched as everyone else became conscious and started using less. So they were billed based on their collective share subtracted from the total bill for the apartments that were metered”

Since 2014, WaterOne has been adopted by 3,500 individual apartments.

Vishal Arhatia, a resident of Innovative Timber Leaf apartments in Sector II, HSR Layout, said his complex with 64 apartments was using six tankers per day in the summer.

 “It was a major problem as it was also difficult to find vendors. Residents were in favour of paying only for what they use. After the installation, our overall consumption has come down by 25%. While we were paying $23.00 as a flat rate, now the average is closer to $11.”

Water consumption at Arneesh Rose apartments has been reduced by 50% since the implementation of the solution in 2016.