Kazakhstan chooses Elster for AMI solution


August 12, 2011 – Elster announced today that Karagandy Zharyk, a regional distribution grid company supplying electricity to more than 1.5 million customers in central Kazakhstan, has chosen Elster to provide turn-key advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployment solutions for high and medium voltage substations.

Elster Metronica, an Elster Group company, successfully completed an initial AMI deployment for Karagandy Zharyk in Kazakhstan in 2006. This initial deployment covered 42 substations (220/110 kV) in the region.

Elster built the complete end-to-end solution, from engineering through deployment, and provided substantial customer service support. The customized solution included Elster software and equipment with the AlphaCENTER AMI head-end solution, remote transmission units from the 325 series and Alpha 1800 smart electricity meters.

"We have seen exceptional results utilizing Elster’s accurate and innovative solutions to better manage commercial and technical losses. Based on this success from our initial AMI deployment, we have selected Elster to further expand our AMI program to meet the requirements set by the governmental energy efficiency program," said Nurzhan Imanov, general manager of Karagandy Zharyk.

The second stage of AMI deployment for Karagandy Zharyk will cover an additional 45 substations (110/35/10kV) in the area and is designed to enhance energy efficiency. The new deployment is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

"We are very pleased to build on our success with Karagandy Zharyk as they expand their AMI deployment and pave the way for the multi-utility system implementation they have planned in coming years," said Andrey Denisov, general manager of Elster Metronica.

"We are also responding to customer demands by making our innovative AS300 electricity meter available for future projects," he added.