KESCO launches mobile-based tracking system for in-field revenue enhancement activities


Ritu Maheshwari,
Kanpur, India — (METERING.COM) — April 19, 2012 – Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Ltd has launched an end-to-end mobile-based real time tracking system of in-field revenue oriented activities including meter replacements, disconnections and raids.

Further in the area of enhancing revenue realization, the company has introduced new options for payments including an internet banking and payment gateway and payment options from homes, mobile phones and ATMs.

The M-Drishti system, which is believed to be unique in India at least, is aimed to contribute to reducing the high level of losses, which in KESCO were running at 29 percent in March 2011. The system has been activated on the official mobile phones of all distribution officials from junior engineer up to chief engineer.

Regarding meter replacements the system provides real time information on daily replacements and through linkage with meter advice the replacement time has been reduced from 3-4 months to 2-3 days. Similarly real time information is logged on disconnections and raids.

Among its “best practice” activities KESCO has also introduced recently several initiatives to improve consumer satisfaction. Among these is what is claimed to be India’s first interactive voice response-based initiative to provide free information about power cuts, shutdowns and restorations to consumers through voice calls (Hindi) and SMS (English), and dissemination of personalized voice calls (in the MD’s voice) to groups of consumers as well as to company personnel to motivate them in their work.

Others include a web interface for online bill payments and complaints, SMS bill updates, and a 24×7 consumer call center.

“The two key issues emerging as far as performance and reforms of a distribution company are concerned are revenue realization, which means reduction of losses, and consumer satisfaction,” explained KESCO MD Ritu Maheshwari in a brochure for customers outlining these new initiatives.

KESCO serves almost 550,000 customers in and around Kanpur city.