KSEB includes smart grid development in Smart City Mission


KSEB is planning to invest Rs126 crore ($19.4 million) in deploying smart grid technologies and infrastructure to secure energy supply and improve management of distribution networks.

The smart grid will improve the state utility’s customer services by reducing the occurrence and duration of power outages in the city of Kochi.

The project will include the installation of smart meters to ensure consumers are accurately billed. KSEB customers will make use of real time energy usage data provided by smart meters to improve their energy efficiency. The smart metering system will enable the introduction of Time of Use energy tariffs for the utility to stabilise the grid during peak periods.

“The technical and commercial loss of electricity is around 25%. Once the smart grid initiative is implemented, the loss can be minimised,” highlights an official with KSEB

The development of the smart grid is expected to take 18 months once the proposal is approved.

Smart city development

India is moving ahead with plans to develop its cities into smart ones.

In late October, the New Delhi Municipal Council launched a training centre for the smart cities industry. The training centre, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra, was developed in partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation.

The  30,000 square feet facility will provide smart city skills to 4,000 youths per annum under the management of Orion Edutech. Read more…

Tech integration

Smart metering systems are expected to help India achieve energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction targets set under smart cities programmes at state and national levels.

Indian-based smart meter manufacturers are integrating their solutions with those developed outside India in order to improve the capabilities of metering solutions in line with international standards.

In early September, a collaboration between Silver Spring Networks and India’s Genus Power was announced which will see advanced metering infrastructure deployed in India and Singapore.

Genus Power will integrate Silver Spring Networks’ IPV6 network interface cards for secure, faster and reliable data telemetry between smart meters and utilities’ central meter data processors. Continue reading…


Image Credit: 123rf.