KT and SAP Korea team on Jeju smart grid project


Seoul, South Korea and Montreal, Canada — (METERING.COM) — September 16, 2010 – A memorandum of understanding has been signed by SAP Korea and Korean telecommunications company KT to collaborate on the Jeju Island smart grid test bed project.

According to the MOU, the two parties will implement a smart grid pilot system that will use intelligent metering software from SAP AG. In addition, the companies will draft a detailed road map that comprehensively defines the technology parameters for the collaboration.

The SAP system is currently being used to capture data from approximately 200 households on the South Korean island, with a targeted plan to increase the number five-fold to 1,000 households over the next six to eight months.

SAP will provide its SAP® AMI Integration for Utilities software, to help deliver metering data and manage communication exchanges between smart devices and SAP® Business Suite software in the back end.

The Jeju smart grid test bed is one of the key smart grid projects driven by South Korea’s government as an engine for sustainable growth. The total investment made by the government and private organizations in the project is targeted to reach KRW 239.5 billion (US$206.5 million). Infrastructure for the test bed will be established by May 2011, followed by a two-year comprehensive operating test. The implementation will include tests and assessments of deployed technologies within a real life environment.

“We are very pleased to undertake this ‘proof-of-concept’ project with a strong global partner like SAP, and we believe we have found a fitting collaboration partner” said Jeon Hong Beom, vice president of KT.

The project is being implemented in conjunction with OSIsoft, an SAP software solution partner.

“SAP AMI Integration for Utilities software helps ensure seamless process and data integration with OSIsoft MDUS through standardized interfaces,” added Won-Joon Hyeong, managing director, SAP Korea. “This optimized interoperability is a key prerequisite for the successful implementation of holistic smart grid solutions.”

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