LG launches first smart grid-ready appliances


Seoul, South Korea — (METERING.COM) — April 28, 2011 – LG Electronics last week launched its first two smart grid-ready appliances embracing the latest in smart technologies.

These are a smart refrigerator and a smart washing machine. Starting with the smart refrigerators, the company plans to roll out a full spectrum of smart appliances this year.

“The home appliance industry will in the very near future shift from being mere white goods to high-tech appliances with a range of intelligent functions,” said Young-ha Lee, president and CEO of LG Home Appliance Company. “By the end of the year, when our full range is introduced, consumers will be able to stay in contact with their appliances at any time, enjoying greater convenience and seeing real-life, real-time improvements in energy consumption and time savings.”

The smart refrigerator offers updates and information that can be accessed via smar tphones and tablets. It offers three savings options: late night saving, preferable time saving, and smart grid-ready that takes advantage of time-of-use pricing. Other features include a food management system Smart Manager, which informs users what is in their fridge, where it is and when it expires, a Smart Diagnosis function that provides call center staff with information to identify problems over the phone, and Smart Adapt that keeps the refrigerator software up-to-date with the latest upgrades, features and options.

The smart washing machine is aimed at delivering optimal washing performance with minimal energy use, and also comes with Smart Diagnosis. Through the Smart Access function, users can monitor and control the smart washing machine on their mobile devices.

The smart refrigerators will be available in Korea this month and will be rolled out in other countries in the second half of 2011.