Malaysian company launches smart meter


Metronix G2,
Malaysian Intelligence
Doha, Malaysia — (METERING.COM) — January 16, 2007 – A Malaysian company has launched its new smart meter at the Asian Showcase exhibition at the Doha Sheraton. Abdul Hafiz bin Abdul Khalim, of Malaysian Intelligence Meters, says the new meter is an electronic, intelligent single phase two-wire solid state kWh meter which provides an advanced electricity measurement methodology, records load data and includes tamper prevention technology.

The meters are equipped with output emitting circuits where the emitting pulses are proportional to consumed energy, and have been designed to meet Malaysia’s existing metering and billing system. They are programmable and can be configured to customer requirements, providing detailed consumption and demand measurement for both small and large scale metering applications.

The meters can be programmed for such features as time of day, tariff and standing charge calculations, and the resulting data can be uploaded or downloaded via a smart card to a special hand-held terminal. The device is particularly useful in apartments and hostels, where the use of electricity can be controlled or regulated by the owners.

More than 100 companies from Malaysia and other south-east Asian countries are taking part in the Asian Showcase exhibition, which runs at the Doha Sheraton until January 19.