Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Asia-Pacific 2005

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Metering, Billing and CRM/CIS Asia-Pacific 2005 moves to Shanghai, China. Join this three day event which will give you the opportunity to get an insight of the largest metering market in the world. The rapidly emerging Chinese energy industry and its ongoing changes within the water, electricity, gas and heat utilities have created a need for new systems and old meters have to be replaced. With privatization and competition on its way China offers numerous business opportunities for Chinese and foreign companies, especially since China became member of the WTO.

The conference offers you again a region wide overview of the developments within the utilities. Even though the degree of privatization and restructuring varies per country, utilities are facing the same challenges in this customer end sector sooner or later. Many important issues relating to metering, billing and CRM/CIS will be addressed such as new meter technologies, data management, revenue protection, e-applications, convergence of billing and CRM systems and outsourcing of services.

Take advantage of the rapidly emerging market and join us at the sixth annual Metering, Billing and CRM/CIS Asia-Pacific conference and exhibition!

Event Highlights Include:

  • An overview of China’s economic growth
  • Regulatory issues around Asian power reform
  • AMR training