India selects local firm for rollout of smart grid pilot


The smart grid pilot will include the installation of advanced metering infrastructure and smart home automation technologies in selected residential premises at the IIT-Kanpur campus and surrounding areas.

The initiative is partly funded by the Indian Ministry of Power, the Indian government and IIT-Kanpur.

The programme will allow deployment of single-phase and three-phase smart meters, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), meter data acquisition and meter data management systems to ensure accurate power billing, real time management of grid network and implementation of energy conservation measures.

In addition, participants of the smart grid pilot will be equipped with roof top solar to allow them to generate their own electricity for use during peak demands.

Saikat Chakrabarti, Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT-Kanpur, commented, “We are very excited to work with Mindteck in setting up the first-of-its-kind smart city prototype in IIT Kanpur campus.

[quote] “Mindteck’s recent smart grid wins, coupled with their smart building and home automation expertise with Singapore-Berkeley Building Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tropics (SinBERBEST), is going to be a great asset in the implementation of this project,” added Chakrabarti.

Yusuf Lanewala, chairman at Mindteck, reiterated: “It is also exciting to have the opportunity to enable the grid, for the first time in India, with SCADA and solar roof top integration.”

Smart meter deployment

The news follows mid-August’s announcement by energy firm India Power that it has began to install smart electric meters in the city of Gaya in Bihar state.

The deployment of the smart meters is expected to help the utility company lower power theft, ensure accurate electricity billing and revenue collection.

In addition, the metering system will help India Power ensure grid reliability through the provision of real time insights of the grid status.

According to a local media, the new electric metering system will enhance the power utility’s customer service by lowering the time for restoration of power in case of power outages. [Indian utilities top investments in smart metering and solar].

The system is reported to be able to send notifications to the power firm in the incident of a power failure.

Under the first phase of the smart meters project in Gaya, India Power is planning to install 10,000 units within two months.

The project falls under India Power’s efforts to meet the mandate set by the country’s energy ministry.


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