The Asia Pacific branch of energy management company NEC has launched a new control system that cuts power consumption of commercial buildings and can manage different energy sources such as utility grid, batteries and renewable sources.

NEC claims the energy management and control (EMC) system can reduce total energy consumption of a company by more than 10 per cent and up to 35 per cent for heating, ventilation and air conditioning usage.

The software provides an overall view of users’ energy profile by gathering data from sensors and power meters before using algorithms to analyse consumption patterns at specific locations.

The solution can be applied to office and building monitoring, data centre and retail outlet energy management as well as large-scale specific deployments.

Manish Kasliwal, director, Regional Business Innovation and head of the Smart Energy Business Incubation Centre, NEC Asia Pacific, said: “With no visibility on their energy usage until they receive their utility bills, enterprises are unable to identify their actual energy consumption.

“This solution not only enables companies to monitor and report energy use, it can also control consumption.”

He added: ”With NEC’s technology capabilities and deployment expertise in the lithium-ion based energy storage systems, we plan to integrate the same with our EMC solution to offer a comprehensive end to end energy efficiency improvement to our customers,” he added.

The NEC EMC solution is currently being implemented in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia for buildings and for companies in retail, telecom and utility sectors.

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