Nepal power utility to begin smart meter pilot

Nepal’s state electricity authority is preparing to install smart meters in Kathmandu valley to decrease energy lost through technical errors.

According to a release, the NEA  is  focused on controlling the electricity theft across the country.

NEA executive director, Kul Man Ghising, said electricity theft is one of the major causes of power loss and the installation of smart meters is one of the attempts to control technical power loss .

Of 890 megawatt of electricity available in the NEA central grid, around 100 megawatts is lost due to theft and leakage, NEA data shows.

With the installation of the smart meters, customers can pay their electricity bills via their mobile phones.

Smart grid Asia

In related news, smart infrastructure market intelligence firm, North East Group has in mid -December published a new report analyzing the adoption of smart grids in East Asia.

The report ‘East Asia Smart Grid: Market Forecast 2015-2025’ predicts the region including South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, will invest US$54.5 billion through to 2025.

Ben Gardner, president of Northeast said, “Rollouts are now underway and the region will be one of the largest smart grid markets in the world over the next 5-10 years.”

US$23.4 billion will be streamed towards funding projects aiming distribution automation whilst US$21.7 billion will be invested towards smart metering projects, states the report.

The findings of the study stipulate that 13 of the East Asian region’s 14 utilities are implementing smart grid pilot projects. For example, Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and Chubu Electric Power are actively deploying smart grid infrastructure.

Northeast Group fears that in some countries, a preference for local companies could hamper the market opportunity for international vendors.

Meanwhile, in the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has this week approved a total budget of AED23.655 billion (US$6.44 billion) for 2016.

According to a publication the new budget will ensure a “reliable supply of electricity and water to meet Dubai’s development plans in all its operations”.