New control operating system module launched by Echelon


Ron Sege,
Chairman & CEO,
San Jose, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — May 11, 2012 – Echelon Corporation has introduced a new Control Operating System (COS)-enabled control module that, when coupled with its data concentrator and system software, enables the offer of a comprehensive solution for automated metering and low voltage grid optimization.

The new CPM 0600 control point module is based on the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and transforms the manufacturer’s electronic meter into a smart meter plus grid sensor that leverages Echelon’s open standard, and multi-application energy control networking platform.

Initially solutions based on the platform will be offered by leading meter makers in Asia, including Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Korea’s VIDCOM, Malaysia’s Comintel, and China’s Holley Metering.

“The new OSGP-compliant module is the latest in a series of sub-systems designed to serve the needs of meter manufacturers in high growth geographies and accelerate both their growth and ours, as utilities move to smart metering and grid systems,” said Ron Sege, chairman and CEO of Echelon.

Among the companies where the technology will be rolled out are Tanaga Nasional Berhad in Malaysia, where a pilot project has been secured by Comintel Sdn Bhd.

The new CPM 0600 complements Echelon’s CPM 6000, which transforms other devices, such as solar micro-inverters, load control modules, power quality sensors and electric vehicle chargers, into OSGP smart grid devices.