New products improve energy industry efficiency


Bangalore, India — (METERING.COM) — May 15, 2008 – Kalkitech has announced the release of three new products which are aimed at improving energy industry efficiency.

The first is the DLMS OPC Server with DA 3.0 dupport with multi-channel and multi-device capabilities. The product is conformant to the latest version of OPC (V3.0).

The OPC Server supports the COSEM/HDLC profile for serial/optical channels (with Mode E switchover included), HDLC parameter negotiation, multi-mode addressing, two authentication levels, logical and short name referencing, LN and SN services, block transfer and selective access and more.

This product is a good fit for meter reading applications in the AMR/AMI space, providing out-of-the-box connectivity for DLMS meters and devices, and universally accepted OPC interfaces to the meter data. A fully-functional evaluation version is available for download.

The IEC 61850 SCL Manager 3.6.0 is a new and improved version that supports substation configuration with enhanced drawing facilities for single line diagram representation with IEC 61850 objects and sub-station devices, and multiple ICD file handling.

Kalkitech’s SCL Manager is a comprehensive graphical tool that allows users to create, configure, view and edit all the substation elements and its data models as specified in the substation configuration language specification of IEC 61850. More over ‘private data management’ is useful for users who would like to extend the data modeling beyond IEC 61850 standards. A fully-functional evaluation version is available for download.

The company has also introduced the IEC 61850 adapter for numeric relays and IEDs to extend their capability to support IEC 61850. The adapter can be configured to take power from serial ports or from an external power adapter, and supports proprietary or standard protocols.