New projects in Asia for Itron


Kowloon, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Japan and Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 21, 2012 – In the last week Itron has announced two new projects in Asia – one an advanced meter pilot project with Cisco with CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd, the second a partnership with Panasonic Corporation to develop a smart meter platform tailored to the Japanese market.

The CLP Power pilot will involve 4,500 advanced meters as part of a comprehensive solution including data collection software, meter data management software, Itron Cellular Solutions along with Cisco’s Connected Grid Routers (CGRs) and Connected Grid Network Management System (CG-NMS).
The pilot system is aimed to demonstrate the full spectrum of advanced capabilities using Itron’s single and three-phase meters that will be deployed under the smart grid network architecture.

The project with Panasonic is aimed to develop a smart metering solution that will meet Japan’s electric utilities’ needs and requirements today and into the future. As part of the agreement, Itron will develop a smart meter with 3G cellular communications supporting multiple communication options, including cellular, RF mesh and PLC, to Panasonic.

With the collaboration, Panasonic will expand its communications product line to the smart meter business, contributing to the realization of an ecological and smart-enabled society via home energy management systems.