New rules on installation of residential electric meters proposed in Philippines


Pasig City, Philippines — (METERING.COM) — April 21, 2009 – The Philippines Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has proposed new rules for the installation of residential electric meters by distribution utilities (DUs) to reduce their system losses.

The proposed rules call for installation and relocation of electric meters to elevated metering centers (EMCs) or to other elevated service.

As well as loss reduction the new rules will also ensure the highest level of compliance with safety standards and adequate protection of the consumers’ interests.

Under the proposed rules meters could be installed or relocated to EMCs in cases where right-of-way is required by the DU to enable its personnel to respond to emergencies and complaints as well as to construct its distribution posts and other power distribution equipments.

EMCs would also be allowed in areas with informal settlers without title or rights over their occupied lands and in areas with a high incidence of illegal service connections, meter vandalism, and meter tampering, as well as for habitual pilferers.

In addition a meter can be placed in an EMC on request from a consumer.

An area is considered a pilferage-prone area if over a 3-month period the average recorded losses exceed the allowable system loss cap of the DU.

The rules also specify that the meter must be located at a height between 1.52 m and 3 m above the surface on which one would stand to repair or inspect the meter.

The proposed rules are open for comment until May 7.