New smart metering pilots in Turkey


Two smart metering pilots are to be launched in Turkey for Türk Telekom Group and the regional electricity distributor EnerjiSA group, by Kamstrup and local business partner VIKO.

The two projects are among the first pilots in Turkey and are expected to be a harbinger of a Turkish smart grid, setting the standard for future deployments.

Türk Telekom Group, which is the national leader in telecommunication and fiber networks, sees a big potential to provide smart metering services to energy distribution. Türk Telekom will test Kamstrup’s OMNIA smart grid platform, comprising network communication, data management and smart meters.

The pilot is designated to a geographically challenging area in the Bursa region, where the electricity is supplied by UEDAS, owned by the KOLIN-LIMAK-CENGIZ group. As the area is mountainous, a radio mesh solution is preferred to PLC. Bursa has the potential of 750,000 metering points and the distribution group has a potential 9 million metering points in total.

The second smart metering pilot is in the area of Ankara in cooperation with BaşkentEDAS owned by EnerjiSA, a joint venture of Sabancı and E.ON, also with a potential 9 million metering points. Four typical residential areas have been carefully chosen in order to test Kamstrup’s RF metering solution under different conditions.

“After a survey of viable smart metering solutions for the Turkish power sector, our choice fell on Kamstrup,” commmented Nusret K. Apaydın, general manager of VIKO in a statement. “Together with Kamstrup, VIKO will be acting as one of the main solution providers in future Turkish smart grid projects.”

The pilots should reveal the possibilities of grid optimization and of reducing the power losses. The fast growing Turkish economy has experienced growth rates of 9% and is expected to be the OECD member with the largest economic growth over the next 20 years – a development which demands an efficient power supply system for the country’s industry and population of 75 million people.

In line with this extreme growth perspective, the pilots shall prepare the energy suppliers for a liberalized power market demanding increased meter reading frequency and a growing need for demand side management.

The pilots will run from the end of 2013 through summer 2014.