New Split-Core AC current transducer for energy metering and automation


By Nagene Kim

split core1

Precision split core
CT by J&D

A new split core current transducer (CT) has been launched by J&D Electronics for advanced techniques for customers in the power and energy industries.

The transducer is designed for energy management, with a convenient connection to electronic submeters. It may also be applied for current measurement in a system of distributed power line carriers (PLCs) or remote controls such as SCADA software for automation and supervision.

Other applications include security and condition monitoring, load monitoring, in protection systems, and for predictive maintenance of conveyers, pumps or HVAC motors.

The CT is an all-in-one structure in a small size, with the following features for improved productivity:

  • Sensing aperture: 10/16/24/36 mm (for clamp-on type)
  • Choice of primary current ranges: 5 – 500 A RMS
  • Choice of standard output types: 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5 V or 0 – 10 V
  • Accuracy: <2% of nominal primary current
  • Bandwidth: 50/60 Hz
  • Output screw terminal structure.
split core2

High accuracy DC tolerant CT

J&D Electronics also supplies the JDT series of DC tolerant CTs for electronic Watt-hour meters compliant with IEC 62053-21, -23 and EN 50470-3. Features of the JDT series CTs include:

  • Standard choice of primary current ranges: 40 – 120 A
  • Customised choice of primary current ranges: 5 – 400 A
  • Choice of output type: Pin or Wire.