NTT Communications announces launch of IoT testbed


The testbed will be a collaborative technical-verification demonstration experiment using IoT products and services.

The testbed will use the  NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud service and Arcstar Universal One global Virtual Private Network (VPN) to alliance companies on a free-of-charge basis for a limited time.

Partners to the testbed project, are expected to combine these services with their own IoT technologies, products and services to test feasibility.

Using the testbed, NTT Com will evaluate and verify the interconnection, operational stability, process performance, data analysis accuracy and operability of the IoT services, says a company release.

The outcomes of the tests will be shared  among companies and organizations in related industries. The telecommunications company will continue to invite a broad range of other global companies and organizations to participate in the demonstration experiment, adds NTT Com.

The testbed is purposed to advance the development of extra-reliable and safe services.

[quote] Some of the test experiments to take place include measuring data speed and data-processing performance, transmission and real-time processing performance tests from various devices as well as the implementation of data processing and storage to the edge of devices.

Sophistication and security of IoT devices

NTT Com notes that leveraging the Internet of Things will require the efficient collection and processing of huge data worldwide.

“This will necessitate highly advanced technologies that enable telecom equipment to send and receive data; networks and cloud platform to transfer data; databases to store data; and applications to process data,” the company says.

To be able to manage energy and prepare for major disasters, “it is becoming increasingly important to actively leverage technologies for IoT, data processing and artificial intelligence in fields such as law and order, environmental conservation and national security,” continues the release.

NTT Com is said to welcome additional enterprises, industrial institutions and research institutes to participate in the IoT Testbed in a bid to facilitate development, practicalization, commercialization of IoT service technology.