CLP Power Hong Kong: a one-stop online journey

By Eric Cheung

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) is committed to offering its 2.3 million electricity customers the best value-added services in Hong Kong, and online service is one of them. Upon registration with this cost-efficient and environmentally friendly service channel, customers can keep track of their billing records more easily and enjoy a wide range of services at CLP’s website.

AMI investment: paving the way for new services

By Olivier Rochon, Actaris

In addition to traditional meter reading and meter management services, investment in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) offers two-way communication between the utility provider and the smart meter, allowing the introduction of new services.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), often seen as an enhancement of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), provides two-way communication between the utility provider and the smart meter, enabling remote management, load disconnection, reduced operating costs and a shortened billing cycle. Moreover, utilities can develop the potential for additional services, which will help them enhance their market differentiation and develop further sources of revenue.

A regional study of in-home display units

Hermione Crease
Hermione Crease,
United Kingdom

The market for in-home display devices is subject to different drivers around the world. The potential for customer behavioural modifications is much debated, and the inhome display designs and standards have been shown to have a key influence. Smart Energy International invited four experts from different regions to offer their experiences and perspectives, as well as offer an analysis on key market drivers.

Key features of ADE7878 poly phase energy metering IC

By Petre Minciunescu

In the last few years, the market for three phase meters began to evolve quite radically. It is not confined any more to measuring only the total active power and displaying the corresponding energy with an electromechanical counter. Now a meter must measure the total active and reactive powers with increased bandwidth, accuracy and over an extended dynamic range. RMS (Root Mean Square) values of phase voltages and currents are commonly required. The fundamental component of the powers and the power factor must also be measured to help the utility in analyzing the load. Detecting and countering various tamper attempts is another requirement. Everything must be visualized on an LCD display.

Business transformation: The engine of peak performance

By Sharon Allan, President, Elster Integrated Solutions

Like most industries, the utility marketplace has entered a time of profound challenges. We are all living through a time of economic uncertainty, changes in the global financial markets, and continued technological innovation. The most forward thinking utilities and suppliers understand that to meet these challenges, each organisation must transform not only its core business processes, but also the fundamental business philosophies on which those processes are based in order to be flexible to deal with rapid change.

Present trends in metering of electrical energy in Indian power sector...

By Professor Awadhesh Kumar Singh

Power distribution in India is finally getting the attention that it deserves. It is now acknowledged by all that in order to make the power sector viable and attractive for investment, it is mandatory to carry out distribution reforms. Today Energy Auditing and Accounting have become the buzz-words in the Indian power sector. According to a report by the Power Finance Corporation, 22 states have achieved 100% metering at the 11 kV feeder level, while nine states have metered all of their consumers. According to the report, on a national basis, 96% of the 11 kV feeder lines were metered in 2005-2006 as against 68% in 2000-2001. For the consumer lines, the corresponding figures are 92% and 75%.

Demand response … and who?

Compos Mentis

By Compos Mentis

What do you do to earn a living? Are you employed by a utility or a vendor or a consulting firm that is working in the “smart metering” field? If so, is some of what you are working on in advanced metering systems to support time-of-use or peak sensitive pricing? In other words, is “demand response” part of what justifies your new metering project? Probably. For many utilities, enabling demand response is the dominant driver behind smart metering. Other features are important, too, but it is demand response that may propel your AMI project. For many regulatory bodies, demand response justifies the regulatory mandate and the imperative to deploy smart metering. For some governmental agencies, it is demand response that primarily supports the enabling legislation, the improved tax treatment, the accelerated depreciation and a strong imperative to move toward a “smart grid”.

DLMS USER ASSOCIATION – Blue Book Edition 9.0: focus on smart...

One of the key activities of the DLMS UA is to identify new applications and requirements as well as to maintain and develop the DLMS/COSEM specification so that these new requirements can be met. This activity is of particular importance with the growing use of IEC 62056 / EN 13757-1 DLMS/COSEM in smart metering systems and for gas metering.

DLMS/COSEM, the language of interoperable metering is particularly suitable to discuss these requirements, to come to a common understanding on them and to precisely formulate them on the language of the standard, so that interoperability is ensured.

Actaris backs Iberdrola’s prime project

Actaris recently announced the development of products compliant with the PRIME protocol (PoweR Intelligent Metering Evolution). PRIME is a project developed by the Spanish energy company, Iberdrola, with the objective of establishing a comprehensive set of standards for an open, public and standard AMI (Automatic Meter Infrastructure) for the PLC.

Iberdrola has been working extensively over the past few years to define and test a new open, public and non-proprietary Power Line Communications telecom architecture that supports smart metering functionality and also allows smart grid evolution.

Industrial Defender and Itron form new partnership

Industrial Defender, a global leader in industrial Internet security, has formed a partnership with Itron that will integrate the company’s Security Event Management (SEM) technology with Itron’s OpenWay advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Specifically, Itron will use Industrial Defender’s unique abilities to monitor and manage data compiled by its OpenWay Centron smart meters.

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