Trade lead: India – Supply of tamper proof single phase energy...

Company: Paradip Port Trust
Country: India
: Supply of tamper proof single phase energy meter
Closing Date
: April 15, 2008
: TRAD 1731

Power theft “un-Islamic”

[img:APCPD.thumbnail.jpg| ]Hyderabad, India --- (METERING.COM) --- April 2, 2008 - A Fatwa has been issued by the Delhi-based Islamic organization Darul-Uloom-Deoband declaring all forms of energy theft as un-Islamic.

If implemented the Fatwa is expected to help curb energy theft, particularly in Hyderabad’s South Zone, where meter tampering has been long been rampant and field staff from the Central Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited (APCPDCL) have been subject to physical attacks.

Remote reading for water meters in difficult terrain

[img:India%20flag%202.thumbnail.gif| ]Hyderabad, India --- (METERING.COM) --- March 31, 2008 – The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has chosen remote reading of water meters for the 40 km2 Patancheru area, where manual meter reading has proved to be difficult. The meters will be supplied by Arad Technologies Ltd., an Israeli company, and Mantech Construction, a local company, has been appointed to install and maintain the meters, gather the data and prepare and distribute bills.

Joint venture will solve meter shortage problem

[img:sri%20lanka.thumbnail.jpg| ]Colombo, Sri Lanka --- (METERING.COM) --- March 25, 2008 – The Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Ltd. (LECO) has formed a joint venture with the Ante Meter Company Ltd. of China, whereby the meter manufacturer will produce its meters in Sri Lanka and thus increase the number of meters available in that country. LECO is a subsidiary of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), which needs some 450,000 meters a year to connect new customers to the grid.

Indian utility hopes electric meters will prevent energy theft

[img:India%20flag%202.thumbnail.gif| ]Lucknow, India --- (METERING.COM) --- March 19, 2008 – The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation will shortly deploy ten million electric meters, in an effort to curb theft of power and improve revenues. Installation will start next month, and the project is likely to take at least a year to complete. The meters will go into the homes of both urban and rural customers.

Water meters to assist with revenue losses

[img:Malaysia_0.jpg| ]Shah Alam, Malaysia --- (METERING.COM) --- March 18, 2008 – Merge Energy Berhad has been awarded a contract which includes the installation of water meters in large parts of Malaysia, particularly in urban areas, in an effort to control revenue losses.

The contract covers the work needed to design and build permanent meter installations, as well as the repairs to and maintenance of district metering zones.

Utility offers three payment options to new water meter users

[img:Sanjiv.thumbnail.jpg|Sanjiv Paul,
Managing Director,
]Jamshedpur, India --- (METERING.COM) --- March 11, 2008 – The Jamshedpur Utility and Services Company (JUSCO) offers its customers three options for paying for their new water meters. The first is for users to pay for the meters themselves, with the utility agreeing to undertake all servicing and replacements when necessary. The second option allows users to pay for the new meter in installments, rather than a lump sum, with the same service agreement applying.

IEEMA presents meter solution to Indian systems integrators

[img:India.thumbnail.gif| ]New Delhi, India --- (METERING.COM) --- March 10, 2008 - As part of an initiative to stimulate awareness of the need for seamless integration of metering information with utility revenue management systems, the Indian Electrical and Electrical Manufacturers Association (IEEMA) convened a forum on its Meter Inter-operability Solution (MIOS) for systems integrators.

A rapidly changing world

In today’s world things can change very quickly. This was illustrated very starkly with the recent housing market crisis in the United States, which almost overnight threw many of the world’s economies, particularly those in developing countries, into turmoil.

Not quite so sudden but no less striking has been the intensification over the past year of interest and debate on the environment, which has now reached unprecedented levels. One international meeting follows another and commentary in the press is ongoing, and indeed few of us now remain untouched by the environmental changes that are sweeping the earth, whether it is experiencing above average temperatures, stronger winds or heavier downpours of rain.

IFB for meters and meter seals – Guyana; Closing date April...

Company: Guyana Power & Light (GPL) Inc.
Country: Guyana
: Invitation for bids for meters and meter seals for GPL Electrical Distribution System
Type: IFB
Closing Date
: April 15, 2008
: TRAD 1721

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