energy transition mechanism

ADB launches Energy Transition Mechanism with Indonesia and the Philippines

An Energy Transition Mechanism to be established by the Asian Development Bank will help Indonesia and the Philippines switch to renewable energy.
cyber resilience

Mitigating grid vulnerabilities to boost cyber resilience

The evolution of the energy sector is increasing grid vulnerability to attacks but utilities can improve cyber resilience.
energy and grid sustainability

‘The best way to predict the grid of the future is to shape it’...

“It is hard to predict what the grid will look like in the future but we can shape it.” These are the words of Jimmy Khoo, the CEO of Singapore utility SP Group.
smart meters

ADB aid to facilitate the rollout of 140,000 smart meters in Timor-Leste

In Southeast Asia, Electricidade de Timor-Leste has secured some funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to modernise its grid network with smart metering and smart grid technologies.

Global smart grid collaboration launched

University of Oxford is leading a global smart grid initiative to remove barriers to delivering net zero at a local level.

The H2 readiness of gas shut-off valves in gas meters

To achieve an unlimited infeed of hydrogen in gas distribution networks, all the links in the supply chain will need to be H2­­­­-ready – from the entry to the exit point where the gas will be used. Intrinsic infrastructure components and materials will have to be investigated and tested for specific compatibility limits with hydrogen admixtures and pure hydrogen.