Pakistan deploys AMI system


The Lahore Electric Supply Company Limited (Lesco) in Pakistan is to install remote meter reading systems in three feeders in the  city.

Lesco Director Customer Services Khalid Mehmood said that after the success of a pilot project, around 1,200 remote meter reading systems would be installed on transformers. “Installation of the remote meter reading system in other areas of Lesco is planned but priority would be given to areas where there are high valued customers,” he added.

According to him, the pilot project has been very successful, which has encouraged them to expand it to other areas of Lahore. At Shadman, 100 remote meter reading systems were installed on transformers and the remote reading was in progress. Weekly analyses of the data received from these meters were very encouraging, as line losses in Shadman feeder decreased by five per cent. In addition, the number of complaints regarding inflated readings also declined.

“It is hoped that through this system, complaints of excessive, bogus and advance readings would end. Remote meter reading system would help plug power pilferage, as this high tech system would automatically identify energy theft if any consumer would try to tamper with the meter, use direct supply, bypass the meter or resort to any other method of power theft,” he added.

Khalid Mehmood also said under the remote meter reading system, consumers could monitor the status of power consumption on Lesco website by entering their account number, arrangements in this connection were being made and this facility would be available soon.

He took pride in Lesco being the first electricity distribution company in Pakistan to use modern technology (remote meter reading system), which would benefit both the consumers and the Lesco .

The Lesco was also going to offer prepaid system and load control system by the end of this year. Under the prepaid system, the consumers would be able to buy credit units in advance and thus control their bills,” he added.