Philippine state utility extends use of Schneider software for grid operations

The National Corporation of the Philippines partnered with Schneider Electric to expand its use of enterprise data management software to optimize its grid operations.

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, announced the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) expanded its use of the Wonderware eDNA software, to optimize grid operations.

[quote] Schneider Electric’s enterprise data management solution, Wonderware eDNA, enables NGCP to integrate operational and information technologies (IT/OT) to improve visibility into operations in real-time.

According to a  statement, the national utility company is responsible for delivering safe and reliable power to customers in the Philippines over more than 21,000 circuit kilometers of transmission lines.

Cost, resource and energy optimization pressure drove NGCP to invest further in their Schneider Electric solution – turning disparate data into actionable intelligence.

Wonderware eDNA software consolidates data from control, monitoring and business systems in a fully redundant server architecture, protecting the company’s data in the event of an unexpected shutdown.

Control center operators are able to access high-fidelity, real-time data to improve decision support while aligning with a strategic initiative to upgrade, expand and strengthen transmission operations. [Philippines grid operator upgrades distribution infrastructure]

Ronald A. Pascasio, SCADA head of Luzon System Operations, said: “Wonderware offers enhanced visibility into our operations by consolidating data from SCADA systems from across Philippine archipelago.

“Using Wonderware eDNA we know our data is dependable and accurate, so we can provide precise system analysis/studies especially during occurrence of significant incidents; improve and modernize our grid operations; and prepare our transition to the smart grid.”

Granular data for decision-making

As part of Schneider Electric’s enterprise management platform, eDNA provides enterprise-level decision support through data collection, storage,  reporting and analysis. Th software brings people, processes and assets togteher for operational efficiency.

NGCP began its deployment of Schneider Electric software in 2007. Schneider was the lead contractor throughout the project. NGCP said that it will continue to expand and upgrade their data management infrastructure with Wonderware eDNA. [New facility to drive R&D of grid innovation in Philippines]


Image credit: 123rf