Germany and India expand cooperation on smart energy


Under efforts to optimise its operations through an increase in adoption of smart energy technologies, Indian energy distributor Tata Power Distribution Limited has signed a memorandum of understanding on clean energy with Germany-based GIZ.

Under the MoU, GIZ will help the Indian utility to expand its smart energy portfolio. The two will, for instance,  jointly conduct research and development of solar, energy storage, electric vehicles and smart grid technologies and business models.

The MoU aims to increase the adoption of standardised solar PV among Indian consumers by 2022.

The two will partner with stakeholders in the energy space including project developers, financial institutions, utility firms, consumer bodies and government departments to develop smart energy specifications and ensure there is adequate funding for smart energy solutions adoption. By collaborating with government departments, the two will help in the development and implementation of regulation supporting standardised smart energy approaches.

The development falls under efforts by India to increase adoption of renewable energy resources, reduce carbon emissions and help consumers to improve their energy efficiency and keep energy bills low.

Praveer Sinha, CEO and managing director, Tata Power Distribution Limited, said: “We are confident that the collaboration will help us to learn and achieve a greener and sustainable solutions. Usage of energy efficient technology is a unique and cost-effective solution to our consumers to optimize operational efficiency and thereby help us to provide them value-added services.”

Tata Power Distribution Limited

The development is part of a broader initiative by the energy distributor to improve its operations and services through the adoption of innovative technologies and new business models.

The company plans to make use of technologies such as smart meters to ensure consumers are accurately billed, introduce new energy management initiatives including demand response and enable real-time monitoring and operation of grid infrastructure through access to real-time consumer energy usage data.

Apart from improving its services, Tata Power has deployed and promises to continue implementing programmes which would help the utility to increase its customer base as well as provide consumers in rural India with access to affordable and clean energy.


Image Credit: 123rf.