Bangladesh receives Japanese funding to deploy prepaid gas meters


According to a local publication, the natural gas distributor will equip its 260,000 residential consumers with prepaid gas meters as from the first quarter of 2018.

The programme will cover residential customers of Titas Gas in Dhaka and Chittagong.

The project is expected to cost $119 million and is being funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and the government of Bangladesh.

The installation of the prepaid gas meters will be carried out over a period of two years and is aimed at helping Titas Gas to improve its revenue collection by accurately billing its customers.

The programme is part of efforts by Titas Gas to modernise its gas distribution infrastructure. The decision to equip its customers with prepaid gas meters follows the successful implementation of a pilot which included the deployment of some 8,600 units.

Awaiting the arrival of the prepaid gas meters from Japan, Titas Gas is currently conducting a study to understand how many customers it has in different regions within its service territory.

In total, the energy distributor has approximately 1 million gas customers.

In addition to installing the prepaid gas meters, Titas Gas says the programme will also cover the development of a data centre in Bhaban and some 50 points of sale centres in Dhaka city where customers can purchase prepaid gas recharge cards.

Smart meters in India

Meanwhile, the Indian state government of Tripura said it will install some 45,200 smart electric meters over the next two months.

The announcement follows the installation of some 8,000 smart electric meter units in Tripura.

Manik Dey, the minister of Power in Tripura state, commented: “The smart meter will ensure auto power cut to the individual household unless bill is paid on time and immediately after payment power service will be restored automatically, which would not require human intervention in the process.”

According to the times of India city, through the use of smart meters, Tripura has managed to improve its on-time billing and bill collection by 80%. [Indian utility to deploy 80,000 smart prepaid meters].

The installation of smart meters falls under efforts by the Indian state government to upgrade its power transmission and distribution systems using a $1.6bn loan from the World Bank.


Image Credit: 123rf.