Reducing transmission losses reduces power cuts


Maharashtra, India — (METERING.COM) — May 14, 2008 – The Maharashtra State Electricity Board of India (MSEB) has announced that it has been able to reduce non-technical losses by as much as 8 percent, and says that as a result it will be able to reduce power cuts in the state.

Energy theft is a recurring problem – in 2007 the distribution company said it had identified 80,000 cases, which did not include meter readings that were falsified with the assistance of utility employees. It points out that when energy is not paid for the company is not recovering its costs, and thus is unable to invest in new infrastructure, with regular power cuts the result.

The MSEB has prosecuted some of the customers caught stealing power, who have been fined, but says that much more needs to be done to prevent honest consumers from suffering because of the actions of those who are guilty of stealing electricity.