Remote reading for water meters in difficult terrain


Hyderabad, India — (METERING.COM) — March 31, 2008 – The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has chosen remote reading of water meters for the 40 km2 Patancheru area, where manual meter reading has proved to be difficult. The meters will be supplied by Arad Technologies Ltd., an Israeli company, and Mantech Construction, a local company, has been appointed to install and maintain the meters, gather the data and prepare and distribute bills.

The Arad meters are fitted with an air tight chamber consisting of an electronic device which converts the rotations of the impeller into a pulse output which can be transmitted as a radio frequency signal or a signal through a GSM SIM card.

The utility hopes that the meters will improve revenue collection, particularly from those industrial customers who are large users of water. It believes the additional revenue generated will more than offset the monthly payments to Mantech Construction. In addition it has advertised for companies interested in developing technology consultancy projects to reduce non-technical losses throughout its service territory.