Schneider Electric India launches smart home solutions

Schneider Electric India states that through smart metering, India can save US$20 billion per year by 2025
Schneider Electric India states that through smart metering, India can save US$20 billion per year by 2025

In East Asia, energy management and automation solutions provider Schneider Electric India has announced the launch of its full suite of integrated smart home solutions for multi-dwelling homeowners.

Schneider’s smart home solution comprises home automation, wiring devices, final distribution and safety energy management designed to deliver efficiencies across the smart home value chain.

A news report by India’s Financial Express notes that digitization is part of India’s strategy to management urbanization.

It adds that authoritative organizations need to manage the citizen expectations and other developmental challenges, such as, land constraints and the existence of only small pockets of modern infrastructure.

Urbanisation driving modernisation

Philippe Delorme, executive vice-president, Buildings Partner Business ndash; Schneider Electric Global, said: “The core of smart homes is the fast-growing network of intelligently connected devices, machines and objects, which we call the Internet of Things. Energy-efficient technologies for homes, buildings and vehicles can save up to US$15 billion worth of energy annually.

“Through smart metering India can save US$20 billion per year by 2025. Collectively, the application of all these technologies can have an economic impact of US$50 billion to US$95 billion per year in 2025 for India,” added Delorme.

The news report states that coming decade, urbanisation, digitisation and industrialization will be the primary drivers to infrastructure modernization.

Mr Shrinivas Chebbi, vice president, Schneider Electric India, added: “Although smart homes may require a one-time initial investment, enhanced security, comfort and convenience leads to value in the long run.

“Retrofitting existing homes with Smart solutions can cost much less, in some cases, only one-hundredth the cost of a newly-constructed smart home.

He added:” In a price sensitive market like India value for money and the security and stability of one investment is paramount.”