Selection of meter suppliers above board


Guwahati, India — (METERING.COM) — September 13, 2007 – The Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) has assured customers that the selection process it undertook to identify preferred suppliers of electronic meters was above board. It said the three suppliers – L&T, Secure Meters and HPL Socomac – had been chosen after a transparent bidding process that had seen 17 meter manufacturers submit bids for the work.

The ASEB has some 1.2 million customers in the north of India, and has chosen to replace its electromechanical meters with electronic meters in an effort to achieve more accurate consumption information, and to prevent tampering. Many customers have, however, voiced their concerns about the accuracy of the meters, as their energy bills have often increased after the electronic meters had been installed. They also questioned the selection process whereby the three suppliers were chosen. ASEB held a press conference recently to lay these fears to rest.

The installation of the new meters began six months ago, and customers with single phase meters are being charged the same rent as they had previously paid for their electromechanical meters, despite the fact that the electronic meters were significantly more expensive.