Singapore uses IoT to create smart buildings

The Singapore government is using the Internet of Things to create smart buildings as part of a two year project to track energy consumption.

Singapore’s Building Construction Authority (BCA) has partnered with Microsoft for a two year pilot with 30 commercial buildings. The project will monitor cooling systems in these buildings and use machine learning, predict deviations that may result in energy waste, which will alert managers via SMS or email to take action in advance.

[quote] Ang Kian Seng, group director, Environmental Sustainability Group at the Building Construction Authority, said “Monitoring by itself does not save energy, it must trigger an action.

“This Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal will empower facilities managers to target specific areas for improvement and optimise their energy efficiency.”

According to Gov Insider, chiller plants are used to remove heat from cooling systems in buildings, such as air conditioning.

It is reported that, in Singapore, buildings consume about one-third of the country’s electricity, and chiller plants take up up to half of this. The Building Construction Authority hopes that optimising their energy use will reduce the overall impact of buildings in the country.

A website will also allow building managers to monitor energy efficiency across their entire portfolio of buildings. This will allow them to compare energy use across buildings, and potentially negotiate performance based contracts with chiller service providers.

Singapore smart grid and analytics

In related news, Singapore Power has signed five partnerships with private sector companies worth S$10 million (US$7.46 million) on smart grids and data analytics projects.

Singapore’s electricity utility is teaming up with 3M on grid sensing, and analytics with NEC and Space-Time Insight. The utility stated that these projects will provide predictive alerts on electricity disruptions, which will allow Singapore Power to repair infrastructure before they fail. [Singapore Power opens centre for smart grid energy network]

Apart from these partnerships, the state power company will work with GE’s Grid Solutions business on substation digitalisation. The work done with GE is expected to provide customers with the choice of using renewable energy. Singapore Power will also partner with IJENKO and OMNETRIC Group to build smart energy and analytics platforms.These platforms will use analytics to gain insight into customers’ behaviour, allowing Singapore Power to tailor messages to engage customers.

According to reports, the partnerships that have been announced are the first partnerships signed by the utility’s centre of excellence and will be completed by 2021. The centre of excellence was launched in April 2015 to pilot cutting-edge technologies in the country’s energy infrastructure. [Singapore striving for energy efficiency in thriving data centre sector]

Brandon Chia, head of the Singapore Power Centre of Excellence, said: “[The centre] is “committed to driving research and innovation that translates into a future-ready national grid.” The centre is said to have a budget of S$30 million (US$22.38 million) and is supported by the Economic Development Board.