Smart cities India: Siemens secures MoU with CII

India MoU Siemens smart cities
Smart cities India: Government plans to create 100 by 2022

In South Asia, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has signed a MoU with engineering giant Siemens to lead the conceptualisation and implementation of pilot projects in smart cities across the Indian sub-continent.

The CII has initiated a ‘National Mission on Smart Cities’ programme, which aims to act as a key facilitator and thought leader to assist the Indian government in the development of 100 smart cities by 2022.

The MoU between CII and Siemens forms part of the implementation programme to see the country’s smart city vision realised.

The National Mission on Smart Cities is backed by an industry-led consortia, which can deliver all verticals – transportation, responsive public services, employment infrastructure and ICT – making up a smart city.

India strengthens ties with Siemens

Tying into its role in India’s smart city development, Siemens also has a hand in the government’s Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Program (R-APDRP), providing the supporting framework under which smart grid technologies are deployed in multiple cities.

Siemens has also long been India’s preferred technology solution provider for Indian Railways.

Global technology research firm ARC Advisory Group states that Siemens has “further built capabilities in the areas of metros, integrated mobility platform, airport links, passenger coaches, rail service and maintenance, urban traffic control, rail signalling and other state-of-the-art transportation solutions.”

Sunil Mathur, managing director and chief executive officer of Siemens India, added: “For cities to be able to deliver true value, they need to provide their inhabitants with the hight standard of living while ensuring sustained protection of the environment.

“Only cities that are able to reach this equilibrium will be capable of meeting today’s challenges and can look forward to a more sustainable future.”