KEPCO plans nationwide rollout of smart grid tech


According to a local publication, the power utility will deploy the solution throughout South Korea by 2018 to help consumers to reduce their power usage and bills.

KEPCO claims its smart grid solution will also help federal and local governments to reduce greenhouse gases and improve their local economies.

The utility developed and tested the technology as from December 2009 through to May 2013.

The development and testing of the solution costed KEPCO $246.5 billion raised from loans from the government and local companies and from the utility’s revenue generation.

[quote] The testing of the technology at a site developed in Jeju allowed the solution to develop in five different sectors namely smart power grid, smart place, smart renewable, smart transportation and smart service.

Twelve consortia and 168 companies participated in piloting of the solution.

Smart grid tech functionalities

In the smart power grid sector, the solution allowed a two-way electric power transmission and automatic failure restoration system and real-time monitoring of the electrical substation system. [Kepco secures Bhutan substation contract as part of export drive[.

The pilot highlighted how the solution can be integrated with smart meters for accurate power billing and enhanced grid management.

The solution will also be used to help ensure grid reliability through real time management of distributed energy resources and integration with the main grid. [KEPCO uses IoT to develop accident prevention system].

More importantly, KEPCO said it will use the solution to enhance its grid-EV interoperability. The power utility claims that the solution has helped in the development and installation of 18 charging stations. The pilot has also led to the development of equipment to charge electric vehicles at home.

In the smart service sector, the test site led to the development and operation of new electric power services such as real-time rate systems, the provision of tailored energy information and handling of customer needs.


Image credit: Thousand