Smart grid project catalogue released


A useful new Smart Grid Project Catalogue has recently released by the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN), with the first release listing 98 smart grid projects from 17 ISGAN participant countries as at March 28, 2013.

The catalogue is in two parts: part 1 organizes the smart grid projects by “project main application,” while part 2 organizes the projects by their contribution to “policy goals.”

The “project main applications” are smart energy network management; smart metering; integration of DER (distributed energy resources); smart customer and smart home; integration of large scale RES (renewable energy systems); aggregation (demand response, VPP); and electric vehicles (EV) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications.

The “policy goals” are reduced peak load; energy savings; estimated reductions of CO2 via reduced energy losses, energy savings, and integration of RES; percentage reduction of electricity losses; reliability (SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI, etc.) improvements; increased number of consumers participating in electricity markets and in energy efficiency measures; additional demand side management power managed in the grid; additional DER hosting power input in the grid (incl. EVs and storage); additional RES hosting power in the grid; increased internal transfer capacity between TSOs or DSOs; and additional interconnection capacity.

The distribution of the projects in the catalog is as follows (at March 28):

  • 11 projects from each of India and United Kingdom
  • 10 projects from each of France, Ireland and United States
  • 8 projects from Germany
  • 6 projects from Sweden
  • 5 projects from each of Belgium, Canada and Korea
  • 4 projects from Japan
  • 3 projects from each of Austria and Mexico
  • 2 projects from each of Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland
  • 1 project from Spain.

Updating is planned on a continuing basis.

In addition to helping depict a global view of smart grid activities and investments, a key goal of the Catalogue is to allow identification of remaining gaps in smart grid activities, along with opportunities for targeted collaboration or further investment by ISGAN participants.

The Smart Grid Project Catalogue forms part of the broader Global Smart Grid Inventory project, which in the first phase was focused on identifying country specific motivating drivers for pursuing smart grids. The project also aims to collect and organize the wealth of smart grid experience currently being generated into a resource for ISGAN participants and others.

Access the Smart Grid Project Catalogue HERE

By Jonathan Spencer Jones