Smart home system to be demonstrated by Honda


Tokyo, Japan — (METERING.COM) — Apr 24, 2012 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is venturing into the smart home market with the Honda Smart Home System (HSHS), which is now starting demonstration testing in a house the company has built in the city of Saitama in Japan.

The HSHS installed in this demonstration test house consists of CIGS thin film solar cell panels, a home rechargeable battery unit, household gas engine cogeneration unit and hot water supply system, and the Smart e Mix Manager. The Smart e Mix Manager, the core of the HSHS, is a comprehensive energy management device which applies optimal control to electricity supplied from the commercial grid and generated by each energy device in the system.

Honda will conduct demonstration testing of the HSHS that is linked with electromotive mobility products such as electric vehicles, and the Internavi system. Through this demonstration testing, the company aims to reduce CO2 by 50 percent (in comparison to year 2000) and to verify the future direction of personal mobility. In addition, the backup function for household energy supply will be verified.

In May 2011, Honda signed an agreement to participate in the E-KIZUNA project run by the city of Saitama. To conduct demonstration testing with the HSHS-equipped house as a part of the E-KIZUNA project, Honda has built two houses – each for single-family use – in the vicinity of Saitama University. A third house is scheduled to be built in the same location, where all three houses will be linked for smart community demonstration testing. These tests are scheduled to continue until 2018.

Based on the verification results from these demonstration test houses, Honda plans to further develop products such as solar panels and cogeneration units and to pursue total energy management within households and communities.